Attend with the ear of your heart. This is advice from a father who loves you; welcome it, and faithfully put it into practice.
The Rule of Saint Benedict
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Abbey News from 2014


Dec. 13: Mass ORDO for 3rd Week of Advent.

Dec. 9: Funeral of Fr. Francis Ferrara.

Dec. 8: Golden Jubilees of Monastic Profession: Br. Robert Simon and Fr. David Bock.

Dec. 7: Mass ORDO for 2nd Week of Advent with Special Masses.

Dec. 6: Fr. Francis Ferrara Entered Eternal Life.


Nov. 29: Mass ORDO for 1st Week of Advent.

Nov. 28: Information Forum.

Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Day.

Nov. 22: Mass ORDO for 34th Week in Ordinary Time.

Nov. 21: New Refectory Book - Evangelii Gaudium.

Nov. 15: Mass ORDO for 33rd Week in Ordinary Time.

Nov. 14: Fr. Mark Traveling to Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Nov. 14: Monthly Conversation Groups.

Nov. 13: Catholic Charities Jail and Prison Ministry.

Nov. 11: Little Hours Return to the Church.


Nov. 8: Mass ORDO for 32nd Week of Ordinary Time.

Nov. 7: Facilitation Committee.

updated SCHEDULE NOTICE for Solemn Profession on Nov. 9.

Nov. 4: Novitiate Visit to Valley of Our Lady Monastery.

Nov. 3: Abbot's Council Meeting.

Nov. 2: Commemoration of All Souls Cemetery Blessing.

Nov. 1: Mass ORDO for 31st Week in Ordinary Time.


Oct. 30: Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Directives.

Oct. 30: Wayne D. Young Tree Blessing.

Oct. 30: Information Forum.

Oct. 29: Benedictine Visitor.

Oct. 28: Liturgy Committee Meeting.

Oct. 26: Reblessing of Bigelow Opus 11 Organ.

Oct. 25: Mass ORDO for 30th Week in Ordinary Time.

Oct. 23: Mass ORDO Update.

Oct. 22: Identity and Mission Alignment.

Oct. 21: Bishops and Superiors Meeting.

Oct. 21: Formation Committee.

Oct. 18: Br. Boniface Departs.

Oct. 18: Mass ORDO for 29th Week in Ordinary Time.

Oct. 16: New Hope Catholic Worker Farm - Life, Dreams, and Challenges.

Oct. 15: Organ Refurbishment.

Oct. 11: Mass ORDO for 28th Week in Ordinary Time.

Oct. 10: Monthly Conversation Groups.

Oct. 7: Belltower Restoration Completed.

Oct. 6: Abbot's Council Meeting.

Oct. 4: Fr. Mark Returns.

Oct. 4: Mass ORDO for 27th Week in Ordinary Time.

Oct. 3: New Observer.


Sept. 27: Mass ORDO for 26th Week in Ordinary Time.

Sept. 25: Monthly Information Forum.

Sept. 22: ReRoofing of Church Progress.

Sept. 20: Mass ORDO for 25th Week in Ordinary Time.

Sept. 15: Monastic Fast Begins.

Sept. 13: Mass ORDO for the 24th Week in Ordinary Time.

Sept. 12: Conversation Groups - Liturgy.

Sept. 12: The Ear of the Heart by Mother Dolores Hart.

Sept. 9: Fr. Mark to the General Chapter.

Sept. 8: Abbot's Council.

Sept. 7: UPCOMING Solemn Profession on Nov. 9.

Sept. 6: Mass ORDO for the 23rd Week in Ordinary Time.

Sept. 5: Facilitation Committee.

Sept. 1: Formation Committee.


Aug. 31: Vote for Solemn Profession.

Aug. 31: Michael Casey Conferences.

Aug. 30: Mass ORDO for 22nd Week in Ordinary Time.

Aug. 29: SCHEDULE NOTICE Weekday Terce, Sext, and None.

Aug. 28: Monthly Information Forum.

Aug. 28: SCHEDULE NOTICE for Thursday, August 28.

Aug. 26: ReRoofing Reaches the Church.

Aug. 26: SCHEDULE NOTICE for Wed. August 27th.

Aug. 26: Consideration of Petition for Solemn Profession.

Aug. 25: Business Council.

Aug. 24: Memorial Floral Arrangement.

Aug. 23: The Church and Monasticism in Vietnam and Missouri.

Aug. 23: Mass ORDO for 21st Week in Ordinary Time.

Aug. 23: Ministers for the 21st Week in Ordinary Time.

Aug. 21: Visitors from the Order of Cistercians (O.Cist.).

Aug. 19: Formation Committee Meeting.

Aug. 16: Ministers for the 20th Week in Ordinary Time.

Aug. 16: Mass ORDO for 20th Week in Ordinary Time.

Aug. 15: SCHEDULE CORRECTION for the Solemnity of the Assumption.

Aug. 12: Visiting Monk.

Aug. 9: Mass ORDO for 19th Week in Ordinary Time.

Aug. 9: Ministers for the 19th Week in Ordinary Time.

Aug. 8: Conversation on Enclosure.

Aug. 7: Accounting Meeting.

Aug. 7: Chimney Removal and the Little Hours.

Aug. 7: ReRoofing Progress Nearing Church.

Aug. 5: Tree Blessing.

Aug. 4: Abbot's Council and Trappist Caskets Committee.

Aug. 2: Mass ORDO for the 18th Week in Ordinary Time.

Aug. 2: Ministers for the 18th Week in Ordinary Time.

Aug. 1: Infirmary Meeting.

Aug. 1: Lecture on Dag Hammarskjold by Roger Lipsey.


July 31: Information Forum.

July 31: Town Trips.

July 28: Abbot's Council Meeting.

July 26: Ministers for the 17th Week in Ordinary Time.

July 26: Mass ORDO for the 17th Week in Ordinary Time.

July 25: Insurance Meeting.

July 23: Ministry in Haiti.

July 22: Employee Compensation Committee.

July 22: Formation Committee Meeting.

July 21: Trappist Caskets Committee.

July 20: New Melleray Community Photo.

July 19: Chimney Removal (photos).

July 19: Mass ORDO for the 16th Week in Ordinary Time.

July 19: Ministers for the 16th Week in Ordinary Time.

July 17: Sr. Regina Keating Funeral and Burial.

July 15: Dom Mark Scott Elected Abbot.

July 14: Preliminary Election Matters.

July 13: Visitors in Choir.

July 12: Ministers for the 15th Week in Ordinary Time.

July 12: Mass ORDO for 15th Week in Ordinary Time.

July 11: 50th Anniversary of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey.

July 11: Conversation on Organizational Change.

July 7: ReRoofing Progress.

July 5: Ministers for the 14th Week in Ordinary Time.

July 4: Facilitation Committee.

July 1: Transcendental Media filming at New Melleray.


June 30: Fr. Mark to California.

June 28: Ministers for the 13th Week of Ordinary Time.

June 26: Monthly Information Forum.

June 24: Liturgy Committee Meeting.

June 23: Abbot's Council Meeting.

June 21: Ministers for the Week of June 22nd.

June 19: Fr. Ephrem to Liturgical Workshop at Mundelein.

June 17: Monthly Formation Committee Meeting.

June 14: Ministers for the Week of June 15th.

June 13: Conversation Groups Prioritization of the Visitation Card.

June 9: ReRoofing the Infirmary Wing (photos).

June 7: Ministers for the Week of June 8.

June 3: Fr. Stephen to San Diego for Funeral.

June 1: Fr. Mark to Mepkin Abbey.

June 1: Chapter of Remembrance - Fr. Thaddeus .


May 31: Ministers for the Week of June 1.

May 29: Fr. Thaddeus Funeral May 31st.

May 27: Observer Jacob Brancaleon Departs.

May 27: Death of Fr. Thaddeus Kennedy.

May 26: ReRoofing Progress to Kitchen Wing (photos).

May 26: Fr. Jonah to Creighton for Spiritual Director Program.

May 24: New Refectory Book - Hidden Springs.

May 24: Ministers for the Week of May 25th.

May 23: New Observer - Jacob Brancaleon.

May 22: Monthly Information Forum.

May 21: Anniversary of Atlas Martyrs.

May 20: Fr. Stephen Travels to the Abbey of Gethsemani.

May 20: Refectory Book Resumed - How Do I Find God?.

May 20: Formation Committee Meeting.

May 18: Refectory Article - Consciousness Examen.

May 17: Ministers for the Week of May 18.

May 16: ReRoofing Progress Update (photos).

May 11: Fr. Mark Travels to Mount St. Bernard for Visitation.

May 10: AIC Commitment Ceremony.

May 10: Ministers for the Week of May 11th.

May 9: Conversation Groups - Experience of Liturgy.

May 8: Presentation of Financial Status.

May 6: Fr. Stephen to Novice Master Conference.

May 5: Fr. Alberic Travels to Atlanta.

May 5: Abbot's Council Meeting.

May 4: New Novice -- Br. Nick-Theresio.

May 4: Cody Perk Concludes Observership.

May 3: Ministers for the Week of May 4th.

May 2: Br. Paul Andrew Attending Monastic Renewal Program in Rome.

May 2: Business Council Meeting.

May 1: New Refectory Book - How Can I Find God?.


Apr. 29: Abbatial Election at Our Lady of Gethsemani Abbey.

Apr. 26: Ministers for the Week of April 27th.

UPCOMING May 23: Life Directions Weekend.

UPCOMING Aug. 15: The VOWED LIFE: The Gift of Self (A retreat for couples married in the Catholic Church).

Apr. 24: Fr. Mark to Gethsemani Abbey.

Apr. 24: Information Forum.

Apr. 23: ReRoofing Project Progress (photos).

Apr. 23: Homelessness and Human Trafficking presentation.

Apr. 22: Refectory Book.

Apr. 22: Chapter Update on Br. Juan Diego (simple professed).

Apr. 20: EASTER SUNDAY Schedule.

Apr. 19: HOLY SATURDAY Schedule.

Apr. 19: Postulant Accepted Into Novitiate.

Apr. 18: GOOD FRIDAY Schedule.

Apr. 17: HOLY THURSDAY Schedule.

Apr. 15: Selected Readings in Refectory.

Apr. 15: Archdiocese Of Dubuque - Chrism Mass.

Apr. 15: Formation Committee Meeting.

Apr. 14: ReRoofing of Monastery Begins (photos).

Apr. 14: Before the ReRoofing Project (photos).

Apr. 13: Ministers for Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord.

Apr. 11: Conversation Groups - The House Report.

Apr. 8: Facilitation Committee.

Apr. 7: Abbot's Council Meeting.

Apr. 6 - 7: Server Upgrade.

Apr. 6: Chapter Update on Br. Boniface, novice.

Apr. 5: Conclusion of Community Retreat.

Apr. 4: New Refectory Book - Francis of Assisi: Performing the Gospel Life.

Apr. 4: Quinn Barn Torn Down.


Apr. 1: Fr. Francis Ferrara Comes Home Today.


Mar. 31: Dom Augustine McGregor Departs for Ireland.

Mar. 31 - Apr. 5 : Monastic Community Retreat.


Mar. 30: Closure of 2014 Regular Visitation.

Mar. 28: New Melleray Visitation Meeting.

Mar. 25: Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord.

Mar. 24: NEW OBSERVER - Cody Perk.

Mar. 24: Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit.

Mar. 23: Dom Augustine Initiates Regular Visitation of New Melleray Abbey.

Mar. 22: Dom Augustine McGregor Arrives for Visitation.