Catholic Blogger Leah Libresco Visits New Melleray

From June 4 to June 7, the monks of New Melleray were pleased to host Ms. Lea Libresco, (Sargeant) who interviewed three monks concerning our "Child Casket" ministry.  Leah, who has become a well-known writer and speaker has an interesting and compelling story.  Having identified as an atheist for much of her life, she surprised many who knew her as a blogger when she announced several years ago she would be entering the Roman Catholic Church.  As she has explained to audiences all over the country, her intense search for the truth, especially in the context of college debates, led her over time to embrace the Catholic Faith as the fullest revelation of Truth.  Over the past year or so, Leah learned of Trappist Caskets and our practice of donating caskets to families who have lost a child.  Leah, who resides in New York City is acquainted with a family who received a casket from the monks and was moved to schedule a visit to learn more about our ministry.  Over the course of the few days she spent with us, Leah interviewed monks who work every day at Trappist Caskets.  She was interested in how each monks had come to discern his vocation to Trappist life and how their life as a monk informs the work they do in the wood shop where the caskets are made.

Author: New Melleray Abbey

Tags: Trappist Caskets, Child Caskets, manual labor

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