Chapter Talks

In the Rule of Saint Benedict you find many references to the abbot’s responsibility to teach and guide the brothers individually and as a community. He does this by his example as well as by his words. In a chapter talk the abbot breaks open his heart to the monks and speaks from his own prayer, study, and experience as we continue to progress in our monastic journey together.

In reading the Chapter Talks provided here you will find topics that the abbot (or his designee) considered important for the monks of New Melleray to hear and ponder at a specific point in time. The brothers are the audience and our shared life serves as the context. The underlying truths, however, pertaining to individuals and communities living gospel values as members of the Body of Christ apply to all.



Who When Title
Fr. Mark Scott November 5, 2017 Jesus and Capernaum
Fr. Mark Scott October 29, 2017 When Jesus Withdrew to Galilee
Fr. Mark Scott September 3, 2017 Identity and Values
Fr. Mark Scott August 27, 2017 A Perspective of Relationships in Silence
Fr. Mark Scott August 17, 2017 Working on Interpersonal Relationships in Silence
Fr. Mark Scott August 13, 2017 Voluntas comunis - Unus spiritus XIV
Fr. Mark Scott August 6, 2017 A Teacher and Devoted Father
Fr. Mark Scott July 30, 2017 Benedictine Obedience - Christic Obedience III
Fr. Mark Scott July 23, 2017 Christic Obedience II
Fr. Mark Scott July 2, 2017 2017 U.S. Regional Meeting
Fr. Mark Scott June 11, 2017 Christic Obedience I
Fr. Mark Scott May 21, 2017 Madness Fueled by Chastity - Unus spiritus XIII
Fr. Mark Scott May 14, 2017 Angelic Life in Mud and Muck - Unus spiritus XII
Fr. Mark Scott May 7, 2017 The Charter of Charity Embraces Ava
Fr. Mark Scott April 9, 2017 Behold the Man
Fr. Mark Scott April 2, 2017 Death of Brother Kevin
Fr. Jonah Wharff March 19, 2017 Methods of Christ Dealing with Fear
Fr. Jonah Wharff March 12, 2017 Testing and Character of Christ
Fr. Mark Scott February 26, 2017 A Learner View of New Melleray
Fr. Mark Scott February 9, 2017 A Cistercian Garden - A Conversation Group Chapter
Fr. Mark Scott February 5, 2017 Virtual Unity - Unus spiritus XI
Fr. Mark Scott January 15, 2017 Beyond Siblings - Unus spiritus X
Fr. Mark Scott January 12, 2017 If Today You Hear His Voice - A Conversation Group Chapter
Fr. Mark Scott January 8, 2017 A Future Hope or A Hope Realized - Unus spiritus IX
Fr. Mark Scott January 1, 2017 The Descent - Unus spiritus VIII