Homily Library

The homily is part of the Liturgy of the Word at Mass. It is a living commentary of the Word of God just proclaimed. Pope Francis says that the homily is like a mother teaching her children. There is a long tradition of monastic homilies. The homily in a monastery is usually a kind of oral and public lectio divina on the part of the monk who is delivering it. Every day the brother who presides at Mass gives a brief homily that is at once personal and also sheds evangelical light on the realities the brothers and guests are living through at the moment. We are happy to offer some of our monastic homilies here.

Below are links to a number of homilies preached at New Melleray and Our Lady of the Mississippi by members of our community.

Who When Title
Fr. Jonah Wharff January 14, 2021 Votive Mass for the Deceased
Fr. Stephen Verbest January 12, 2021 Memorial of St. Aelred of Rievaulx
Fr. Stephen Verbest January 10, 2021 Baptism of the Lord at Mississippi Abbey
Fr. Jonah Wharff January 6, 2021 Wednesday after the Epiphany
Fr. Stephen Verbest January 4, 2021 Memorial of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Fr. Jonah Wharff January 3, 2021 Epiphany at Mississippi Abbey
Fr. Stephen Verbest January 1, 2021 Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God