Brother Tobias Dies February 2

“The monks of New Melleray recently celebrated the entrance into eternity of our brother Tobias Shanahan. Brother Tobias, born in Toledo Ohio, entered the monastery in 1958.]  He was subsequently trained as an accountant and served the community for years as a book keeper.  For a period of time, he offered assistance to the monks of Assumption Abbey in Ava Missouri, a foundation of New Melleray.  He made good friends there with monks whom he would correspond with for years afterward.  In recent years, Brother Tobias worked in the front office at Trappist Caskets.  He assisted with book keeping but mainly served on the phone, welcoming and assisting grieving families who were delighted to find themselves talking to a monk about funeral arrangements for their loved one.  These phone conversations are often conducted with people in tears and can take thirty minutes to complete.  Brother Tobias will be remembered for the exquisite gentleness and patience he brought to these encounters.  The monks thank you for your prayers for our brother who has finished the race, that he enjoy the vision of God’s face promised by Jesus to those who persevere to the end.