Commission of the Future to be Assisted by Dr Patricia Kelly

There has been established at New Melleray Abbey a “Commission of the Future”, comprised of ten monks who, beginning in November, will meet once a month.  Members of this commission have been asked to address several important questions concerning New Melleray Abbey’s future.  These include how to make the best use of our very large building, how best to engage our brothers to follow through on the five year Strategic Plan we’ve drafted, and preparation for the end of Abbot Mark’s term in 2020.  In order to facilitate communication on these important topics, the monks have engaged the assistance of Dr. Patricia Kelly.  Dr. Kelly, who holds a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, has often been called upon by clergy and religious communities to facilitate strategic planning processes.  A few of our Trappist communities in the U.S. have drawn on her expertise and highly recommended her to us.