Covid 19 vaccinations

On Thursday morning, February 11th, two nurses and a pharmacist from our local hospital pharmacy came out to the abbey to administer Covid 19 vaccines.  As a long-term care facility with an infirmary, we are  particularly vulnerable to the spread of the virus if it should invade our environment. Five lay personnel who also attend to the needs of those in the infirmary were included in those receiving the inoculations.  Two members of the community chose not to be vaccinated, and their wishes were respected.  Some necessary paper-work was completed beforehand, and this facilitated the process of registering all those involved.  The inoculations were efficiently completed in less than half an hour.

There is an interim of twenty-eight days before the second vaccination can be given.  We greatly appreciate the generosity of the staff that came out to the monastery and are grateful for the protection against the virus that the vaccine offers.