Dec 25 – Christmas Celebrations

Statue of the Blessed Virgin at New Melleray AbbeyOur celebration of the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord began with 1st Vespers on Saturday, December 24th. We retired early in anticipation of praying Christmas Vigils at 11pm prior to the midnight Mass of the Lord’s birth. Following midnight Mass we enjoyed some generously donated cinnamon rolls and other goodies along with homemade eggnog prepared by one of the brothers. Some of us gathered in the infirmary “sun room” to share our Christmas joy. Due the full night of liturgy we prayed Lauds 3o minutes late than usual. Following Terce we prepared to worship the Lord in his Nativity once again in the Mass during the Day. After Mass we gathered in the refectory for Christmas greetings before our special midday meal. We returned to our “normal” schedule following Sext and adored the Lord prior to Vespers as usual on Sunday afternoons.

We will continue to celebrate the Lord’s Nativity with special antiphons during the Octave of Christmas and through the Lord’s Epiphany to the celebration of his Baptism.

New Melleray Church Christmas 2016