February Information Forum

We are trying to reschedule monthly information forums. They help keep everyone au courant with events in the community and offer the opportunity for questions and exchanges. Sometimes the very events themselves squeeze the forums off the calendar.

Local liturgists are already thinking ahead to the Easter Vigil and planning for the Triduum. Since the death of Fr. Jonah, we will be unable to provide a celebrant for the Vigil at Mississippi Abbey. The sisters have accepted an invitation to join us for this service. The actual time has not yet been set.

While there are some inquiries concerning vocations and a fairly steady participation in our Monastic Center Program, no one has currently made application to join the community. Our novice, Br. Philip, has been forced to temporarily leave to take care of his ailing mother. We hope they will be able to resolve that situation and free Br. Philip to return. Three long-term guests in the community are proving invaluable in the assistance they provide.

Some major renovations are occurring in the Guest House kitchen. It can be a stifling work environment in the summer, and we wanted to install air conditioning there. But we presently have three gas ovens with perpetual heat from their burners. To make air conditioning feasible, we now plan to install electric ranges, but that will entail increased electric power needs. It is, however, a move which also has ecological and economic benefits.

Some tree planting has been begun, but the dry fall had delayed a major effort which now has to wait for spring. Several grass areas have been burned off and are ready for planting prairie grass. The program to increase watershed conservation around the springs and creeks on our property is moving ahead, although it will be a multi-year process.

The liveliest discussion was a debate on whether to install clear or frosted windows in the basement areas of our wardrobe and laundry. Those seeking greater privacy with frosted glass lost the day to those promoting the transparency and visibility of plain panes.