Generous Donation to Child Casket Fund

On Saturday, September 14, Fr. Alberic received a small delegation of men and women from a community in Illinois who presented him with donations totaling $5,500.00 for the Trappist Caskets “Child Casket Fund“.  A woman in the group explained that her community hosts a fund-raising Golf Tournament each year and decided this year to donate proceeds to Trappist Caskets to support and encourage families who have lost a child.  This gift helps us absorb costs for the production of the many caskets we donate.  At present, such donations can occur two or three times a week.  Among the group of visitors was a young couple who lost a child and buried her in a Trappist Casket.  The monks are particularly appreciative of this kind of generous support offered us out of the goodness of people’s hearts.  It has been deeply moving to meet grieving families suffering the effects of the loss of a child and then to meet others, complete strangers to the family, come forward whose act of kindness, we know, will touch the deepest heart of grieving parents.