Homilies – Chapter Talks – A Word to Our Employee Stakeholders

As you explore New Melleray’s new website you will find that we have brought over all of the Homilies and Chapter Talks that you were able to view on the old site. A new bit of content we are making available to you is Fr. Mark’s monthly communication to our employees titled “A Word to Our Employee Stakeholders.” These are all examples of how we continue to grow and share our life in Christ through liturgy and community.

You may also have noticed that there have not been any Chapter Talks posted for several weeks. Fr. Mark and Fr. Jonah were away in England for a good part of May and a number of our recent Chapters have actually been Travel Talks as brothers shared their recent travel experiences. Br. Charles spoke to the chapter about his visit to Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner, SC for the Junior Seminar, Fr. Stephen spoke about his visit to St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, MA and Mount St. Mary’s Abbey in Wrentham, MA for the Novice Director Workshop, and Fr. Mark spoke about his visits to Mount St. Bernard Abbey in England and Mount Melleray Abbey in Ireland. This coming Sunday Fr. Jonah will share additional experiences of the trip to England and Ireland.


Homilies can be found in the Prayer – Communal Prayer section of the website.

Chapter Talks and “A Word to Our Employee Stakeholders” can be found in Community – Abbot and Monks.

Alternatively, Homilies and Chapter Talks can be found through the Spiritual Resources link on the home page.