Feast of St. Matthew

When Jesus said to Levi, the tax collector, “Follow me”, many questions could have sprung up in his mind to delay his response: “Why are you calling me? Where to? For how long? What can I take along? What will I be doing? What will I receive?” But Christ’s call was immediate, “Follow me,” Now! Jesus didn’t sit down to answer any questions Levi might have. The answers will come later. Right now, Levi’s feet must decide the direction of his love: money or Jesus. Levi pushes his chair out of the way and gets up to follow Jesus, leaving riches behind him.

Well, not exactly. He receives new riches. He receives a new name, Matthew, the gift of God, instead of Levi. In place of money he will receive heavenly treasure. In place of the company of tax collectors he receives the friendship of Christ and his disciples. In place of a tax ledger he receives divine inspiration to write a love story about Jesus, the Gospel of Matthew.  Did he have questions?  Of course, he did.  But the answers came later, after he made his choice to follow Christ.  It is the same for us in many of our choices.  Understanding God’s will for us often comes later.  First, we act out of love to follow Christ.