Feast of St. Matthias, Apostle

The vocation of St. Matthias as an apostle is unique.  He was not called by Jesus like the other apostles. Instead, he was chosen when the whole assembly cast lots between him and Joseph Barsabbas.  Matthias wins, and we never hear of Joseph Barsabbas again. Of course, we never hear of Matthias again, either.  Yet, he was elevated to a leadership position with the eleven apostles.

He is like the hundreds of disciples who are never named in the Gospels. Many had followed Christ from the beginning.  Some went on to martyrdom during the persecutions of the early Church. Others brought Christianity only to their loved ones and neighbors as they quietly lived out their ordinary lives. They are a reminder that we are like these unnamed followers of Christ—historically insignificant, who are not recorded in history books but whose lives as Christians were more important than anything else they could do. Matthias simply accepted the burden and the honor given to him under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

He mayhave known that the possibility for suffering would greatly increase by accepting his calling.  And that’s what happened when he was beheaded.  May we be like these early disciples, called to a hidden greatness by following Christ and accepting what is asked of us no matter what the consequences may be.1

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