Mass for the Deceased at New Melleray

Once a month we offer a Mass for the Dead.  Why?  Certainly, to pray for those who have gone before us, but also to remind ourselves about death.  St. Benedict urges us to keep death daily before our eyes, not just monthly but daily.

Why?  There’s a saying in a far eastern culture that tells us we can find happiness by remembering our mortality: “To be a happy person, one should contemplate death five times daily.”

Why?   Because thinking about death and the good news of the age to come helps us to make every moment count, and not to “sweat the small stuff.”   Then the funniest thing happens. We become grateful for every little thing, like sunny days, gentle rains, ocean breezes, and a really good apple crisp dessert.  And gratitude is at the heart of being a good Christian.