Memorial of Saint Scholastica

Scripture Readings: 1 Kgs 12:26-32, 13:33-34;  Mk 8:1-10                                   

Have you ever tried to draw a large circle on a sheet of paper, a perfect circle? It’s almost impossible with an unsteady hand. But if you have a template to guide your hand and the pencil, then you can draw a perfect circle every time.

Our rule of life as monks is like a template that guides us throughout life, making it so much easier to know and to do what is pleasing to God. For this we give thanks today to Saints Benedict and Scholastica who have handed down to their disciples a Rule for Monasteries.  

But when I consider the example of our guests who are here each day at the Eucharist who have not professed this rule of life, I am amazed and grateful for the steady hands by which they freely draw the circle of their lives so pleasing to God.