Monday in the Thirty-First Week of Ordinary Time

In today’s parable Jesus asks us to give without expecting anything in return.  I tried to think of examples to illustrate such generous charity toward others in our own lives as monks. We give a lot of donations, we don’t require compensation from guests who can’t afford to pay for a retreat here.  We offer spiritual direction freely, and the sacraments. 

But there is another way we fulfill the request of Jesus, and that is by our prayers for others.  Day after day we pray for those who ask our prayers, expecting nothing from them in return.  And not only those who ask our prayers, but we pray for the many needs throughout the world every day, both individually and together as a community.  Yes, intercessory prayer is a generous and beautiful way to do good for others without asking anything in return.  And this is something we can all do, not just monks.