Saturday in the Sixth Week of Easter

Scripture Readings: Acts 16:23b-28; Jn 18:23-28          

“Ask and you will receive.”  As I was preparing this homily I asked God for guidance.  Going through some of my notes I came across this list of eight gifts that don’t cost anything.  They’re an answer to my prayer, and they really are free. 

First, the gift of listening.  Really listening to someone else is an act of love.

Second, the gift of affection: a tight hug, a soft pat on the back, a warm smile.  These are food for our hearts.    

Third, the gift of laughter.  It’s like music in the air. 

Fourth, the gift of a written note that expresses our encouragement and love for someone.

Fifth, the gift of a sincere compliment. It can give a lifetime of joy each time it’s remembered.

Sixth, the gift of a favor, like the times someone carries my dinner dishes to the dishwasher. Thank you.

Seventh, the gift of solitude when we need to be alone, especially in prayer with God who we know loves us.  

Eight, the gift of a cheerful disposition.  In the Book of Proverbs it is written, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine” (17:22) both for one’s self and for those around you.    

Happy the person who is always giving these eight gifts to others!