Saturday in the Twenty-Ninth Week of Ordinary Time

[Scripture Readings: Eph 4:7-16; Lk 13:1-9 ]

Why do bad things happen to people, like the Galileans put to death by Pilate, or the children beheaded by ISIS in Iraq for refusing to deny Jesus? We see the tragedy of undeserved suffering all the time. But Jesus sees the much greater tragedy of those who do bad things to people, of those who will perish eternally if they refuse to repent. When the wicked prosper it is not for long. Every year, every day, (and it might be the last one), is a new opportunity for everyone to bear the good fruit of repentance. Jesus wants us to love and pray for our enemies. Then coming with them into the Temple of the Lord, with Mary and all the saints, only good things will happen to the people of God forever!