The Solemnity of Saint Joseph

Father Daniel
– a man of Wisdom — he kept open to God’s Word.
– a man of Prudence — he used caution in protecting Mary.
– a man of Fortitude — strong of Character.
– a man of Patience – through so many trials/crosses calling for understanding and patience.

St. Joseph

Obedient to the prompting of Grace and the Message of Angels.
Silent — No words of his have been recorded.
Energetic — in the care of Jesus and Mary responding to warning in the night.
Pure of Heart — no questioning it.
Happy — He dwelt in the house, the home of the Lord – “Jesus.” Who can fathom such happiness as Joseph must have enjoyed with Jesus and Mary?

St Joseph of the line of David . . .

Patron of CarpentersGuardian of Jesus and Mary.

All spelled out in His unselfish love of God — of Jesus and Mary.
Joseph lived a very simple life . . .

Died a simple death — nothing recorded. No date — No recorded burial plot.

Joseph’s actions spoke more than words.

One can be but mystified by the depth of his love…

Go to Joseph!!!

Before the Joseph of Jesus and Mary, the Book of Genesis tells us of another Joseph, — Joseph who was sold to Merchants, and became Governor, second only to the king in Egypt. He had charge of all the storehouses of wheat throughout the land. In the time of famine the word was “Go to Joseph for food!” Food for the body.

Joseph of our Solemnity . . .

–Foster Father of Jesus – husband of Mary – raised Jesus, taught Jesus. The same Jesus Who was obedient to Mary and Joseph gives Himself, not to only small numbers of people from measured storehouses, but to multitudes throughout the world, as Food for Souls. And he desires that evgerybody in the world approach Him, receive Him, in the Eucharist.

Let us pray for the early fulfillment of Jesus’ Desire.