Thursday in the Twentieth Week of Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings: Ez 36:23-28;  Mt 22:1-14                          

In cultures everywhere a wedding is the happiest of all celebrations. In Jesus’ time the celebration lasted not just for one day, but for seven days. Guests came and went during a whole week of feasting and dancing. Who could not find some time during seven days of celebration to come to such a feast? It’s inconceivable that an invitation to the wedding feast of a king’s son could be turned down.

But reality is often stranger and more tragic than fiction. Jesus is teaching that unlimited joy in the kingdom of heaven with rich food and choice wines at an eternal wedding feast is being rejected by the wealthy of this world, while the poor along the highways and byways who lack the necessities of life are eager to have a place at the feast.  

And what is our place at the wedding feast? It is that of the bride being married to the King’s Son. It is our own wedding we are being called to attend, and it is our love that the King’s Son desires!