Tuesday after the Epiphany

[Scripture Readings: 1 Jn 4::7-10; Mk 6:34-44 ]

Jesus and the apostles sought out a lonely place to be by themselves. But they end up in a place with more than five thousand hungry people. Not only hungry for food, but even more for words of life.

Jesus did not react with irritation and impatience when his retreat to a lonely place did not go as planned. Instead, he felt the kind of tender love a mother feels for her children when they are hungry and troubled.

The apostles wanted Jesus to send the people away. But Jesus reveals that we are truly his disciples when we let ourselves and the little we have be taken, blessed, broken and given to others. From five loaves and two fish all ate and were satisfied.

This is an Epiphany, a revelation, that in the Providence of God everything works for good for those who love him.