Tuesday in the Fourteenth Week of Ordinary Time

[Scripture Readings: Gen 32:22-33; Mt 9:32-37 ]

Sheep without a shepherd Seven times in the Gospels we read about the compassion of Jesus: for the leper (Mk 1:41), for the blind (Mt 20:34), for the widow of Naim (Lk 7:13), three times for the crowd who were like sheep without a shepherd (Mt 9:36, Mt 15:32, Mt 14:14), and in the parable about a father's compassion for his prodigal son (Lk 15:20).

To be like Jesus, St. Paul urges us, “As God's chosen one's to put on heartfelt compassion and humility” (Col 3:12). Last week I read a news article about just such compassion and humility.

A homeless man found $2,400. He took the money to a police station and an officer was able to find the rightful owner. Hearing about this, people were so moved by this poor man's honesty that they collected over $5,000 and gave it to him as a reward. But in his compassion for those who were down and out like himself, he asked that the money be given to an inner city community center serving the most vulnerable, impoverished, and homeless individuals. And in his humility, the homeless man asked that he not be identified by the media.1

What a great example he has set for us who want to follow the teaching of Jesus and St. Paul, and of Blessed Mother Teresa who said, “Show love and compassion to those around you for this is where our love for each other must begin.”