Tuesday in the Second Week of Easter

Jesus and Nicodemus A young man who was drinking heavily went for a swim at a California beach. Fortunately, an older man was watching and saw the young man get caught in an undercurrent. He dove in and saved the boy’s life.

Not long afterwards, that same young man was standing in court facing a sentence on drug charges. Suddenly, he realized that the Judge was the very same man who saved his life when he was drowning. He said, “Sir, do you recognize me? You saved my life.” The Judge nodded his head and said, “Young man, then I was your savior, but now I am your judge.”

For Nicodemus who came secretly by night, Jesus was first his Judge, telling him, “You do not believe.” But in the end, after the Crucifixion, Jesus was his Savior, whose body Nicodemus openly and lovingly prepared for burial with spices and linen cloths. For those who believe and love, Jesus Crucified is their Savior. For those who do not believe or love, Jesus Crucified is their Judge.