Votive Mass for the Deceased

We all know that the happiest people in all of God’s creation are those in heaven who see God face to face. The second happiest people are those in purgatory whose salvation is guaranteed.  And all the baptized here on earth are the third happiest people, for we share in God’s divine nature as members of the Mystical Body of Christ.  We are children of God destined to eternal life.

But why do we pray for those in purgatory if they are so happy?  Because they are not like the Pharisees who just wanted to see a sign from heaven. Souls in purgatory want to see the real thing, the infinite God creator of the universe, the Holy Trinity. Those in purgatory burn with desire to see God who loves them, and our prayers help bring that day closer and closer. 

Someday, when we are in the same state, longing to see God, those we have helped by our prayers will in their turn be praying for us, hastening the day when we will be with them, enjoying the beatific vision, seeing God!