Votive Mass Holy Name of Mary

Scripture Readings: 2 Sam 1:1-4, 11f, 19, 23-27; Mk 3:20-21

Thomas a Kempis is best known for his Imitation of Christ.  But he also composed five discourses to novices praising Mary and remembrance of her name.  He writes, “Those who seek Mary’s help and call upon her sweet name never leave empty-handed.  … And when devils hear her holy name it is like a clap of thunder causing them to flee.” 1  

Inspired by St. Bernard’s beautiful sermon on Mary, Respice Stellam, Look to the Star, Call upon Mary, Thomas a Kempis writes: “Think of Mary, call upon Mary; with Mary be silent and linger in your cell; with Mary be joyful or sad; with Mary work and keep vigil; with Mary walk and sit; with Mary search for Jesus and stand beside the cross; with Mary desire to live and to die.” 2   For Mary always intercedes and protects us when we call upon her holy name.

1.  Thomas a Kempis, In Praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Bruce Publishing, 1956, p. 34.

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