Votive Mass of Mary, Help of Christians

Scripture Readings: 1Cor 15:35-37, 42-49; Lk 8:4-15

Back in the 4th century St. John Chrysostom called Mary the Help of Christians.  She helped Christians win the great naval battle of Lepanto in 1571.  When Pope Pius VII was imprisoned by Napoleon in 1807 he prayed to Mary to regain his freedom, and he did.  St. John Bosco dedicated his Salesian Order to Mary, Help of Christians in 1859. But what about ordinary Christians today? Will she help us?

A few days ago I received this letter from a woman whose father was unconscious and dying of cancer.  She writes: “My two sisters, my brother and I were at his bedside.  We decided to pray the Rosary with him.  My sister went to get four Rosaries. To my surprise two of the four were from a retreat my Dad and my Grandfather had made at New Melleray 43 years ago.  My sister placed one in my Dad’s hands, and held them as we prayed. After the first decade of the Rosary his breathing calmed down. With each decade it calmed even more and softened. We held our breaths as we prayed the Hail Mary’s and then he quietly surrendered his soul.  His Rosary from 43 years ago gave us all lasting peace.  During the funeral it was a witness to my Dad’s faith.  This experience has brought my family’s faith to a new level.  I thought you would appreciate how a Rosary from so long ago brought us peace.”  

Yes, Mary, the Help of Christians, will help us, too.