Wednesday in the Fifth Week of Lent at Mississippi Abbey

In the days before the Civil War, people were gathering for a public auction of slaves. Within the crowd there was a foulmouthed, boisterous man, mean, cruel, and hateful. Another man in the crowd stood out for his dignity and kindness, gentle and gracious. On the auction block there was a beautiful young black girl, about 20 years old.

From the outset the obnoxious man had his lecherous eyes set on this lovely, innocent, young lady. She cringed in fear as he opened the bidding. When the good gentleman saw her fear, he also placed a bid. The price for the girl rose higher and higher. Finally, the evil man dropped out of the bidding.

The auctioneer handed the Bill-of-Sale to the winner who said to the young girl, “I didn’t buy you to make you my slave, I bought you to set you free.” He took the Bill-of-Sale and wrote in big block letters – FREE! – then signed his name and gave it to her. She said, “I don’t understand, you mean I’m really FREE!” “Yes,” he said. “Sir, I don’t know who you are, but no one has ever shown such love and kindness to me. If I am free to do as I please, nothing would please me more than to serve you to the day I die.”  And so, she went home with him.1

Likewise, our freedom from sin and Satan was won by the goodness and gentleness of Jesus who paid the price by dying for us. So, we say to Jesus, “You have loved us so much, and set us free, and made us your brothers and sisters able to call God our Father. Lord, we want to follow you and live with you forever!”  

  1. Sermons Central, Pastor Tim Smith Oct 21, 2012