June 9 – Come Away Guests

Two young men have joined us today for a Come Away weekend retreat. They are receiving an introductory experience of our contemplative life over the course of the next few days. They have an opportunity to participate in our monastic celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, to hear how some of us were led to monastic life and New Melleray, to share their current journey of seeking God’s will in the midst of life decisions, and to ask questions about our life and practices.

“Come Away” (Listening and Discerning: A Life Directions Weekend) is designed to give single Catholic men an opportunity to explore the possibility of a religious calling while experiencing the rhythm and balance that lies at the heart of monastic life in general and New Melleray in particular. Please contact the Vocation Director for information about our next Come Away retreat which is scheduled for Oct. 6-8th or to learn about other opportunities to participate in our Cistercian contemplative life.