Juniorate and Summer Studies

The Spring Semester of the academic year is over but studies continue at New Melleray.  

Today the “Junior Studies” program got underway with Br. Charles’ first Christology class given by Fr. Ephrem.

Fr. Mark will be giving a Scripture class to Br. Charles and Sr. Mary Therese of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey as well.

Another brother has begun an online Church History course.  A third brother will be spending a month at Creighton this summer for the third and final installment of a three-year program in spiritual direction.

Organ, guitar, and singing lessons also continue for several brothers.


from Ratio Institutionis

41- Communities are to be generous in providing time to juniors for classes and personal studies. 

42 – The core courses of the monastic curriculum are: Sacred Scripture, Cistercian Patrimony, Philosophy, Systematic Theology, Moral Theology, Patrology, and Liturgy. … Other courses in some of the following subjects may also be offered: Methodology, Church History, Theology of Monastic Life, Spirituality, History of Religions, Canon Law, and the various human sciences. 

51- After solemn profession, monks and nuns are to be encouraged to engage in the personal study of a particular interest, or to engage in some technical specialization in the area of manual work or in some form of artistic creation.