Spiritual Faithfulness and the Marital Way of Life:

The Evangelical Counsels in Marriage
A retreat for couples married in the Catholic Church

The Vowed Life
August 14-16, 2020
New Melleray Abbey


Spiritual faithfulness refers to a way of attaining holiness. Specifically, it is the way of practicing charity, i.e., seeking the good of God and neighbor. To do this we must be free of attachment to things of the world. Why?

Humans have a threefold good: the good of external things (stuff/possesions), the good of one’s own body, and the spiritual good of the soul (the use of our free will). These are given to us for our legitimate use. It is not commanded (i.e., not required for salvation) that we renounce them. Monks and nuns renounce these attachments through the evangelical counsels of poverty (use of external goods), chastity (other affections), and obedience (one’s own will) in order to follow the poor, chaste, and obedient Christ. They seek a life of faithfulness by being wholly devoted to God. And so do married couples! Their lived expression of the counsels will be different, but just as sincere. At this silent retreat we will discuss what is expressed by these counsels and suggest practical ways to live them in the married state of life.

It will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Friday with Vespers followed by dinner, and the first presentation at 6:45 p.m. Saturday there will be 2 conferences and a discussion meeting. The retreat will conclude after Mass on Sunday morning at 10:15 a.m. with a renewal of vows ceremony.

Registration is limited to 7 couples. A free-will donation is asked; $210 per couple is suggested. The donation will cover room (linens and towels provided), meals, and materials. For those commuting from nearby (not staying overnight) the suggested donation is $120 per couple. For more information please contact the retreat master at (563) 588-2319 ext 154, or at chaplain@newmelleray.pairsite.com or visit our website at www.newmelleray.org .

N.B. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic restrictions, no deposit is requested. You will be notified by Aug. 3rd if the retreat is canceled due to these restrictions. Please notify us if you decide to cancel so another couple may be accommodated.

Download the brochure and order form here.