May 12 – A Clear Indication Conversation

Of Gods And Men community vote

Our May Conversation Groups continue last month’s conversation regarding our relationship to Mount Melleray Abbey in County Waterford, Ireland. Mount Melleray founded New Melleray in 1849. This month we were asked to share our thoughts and feelings with regard to the importance and viability of this relationship given current circumstances in the two monasteries.

One of the purposes of our Conversation Groups is “to provide the superior with data he needs for making decisions with foresight and fairness.” This month, the abbot was looking for a clear indication from the community about whether or not we should seek a change of paternity.

from Constitutions and Statutes: of the Monks and Nuns of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance
C. 73 – The Character of Filiation

In accordance with the Charter of Charity, Cistercian communities are united by the bond of filiation. Traditionally filiation has its juridic form in the function of the Father Immediate. Paternity and filiation are expressed through mutual assistance and support.

Conversation Groups (CG)

The purpose of the CGs is to provide a forum where the brothers “come together to listen to the Spirit speaking through one another,” to foster skills of good communication that will promote mutual understanding and trust (Gdlns 2), and to provide the superior with the data he needs for taking decisions with foresight and fairness by the brothers humbly and honestly expressing their views (RB 3)