Nov 13 – Mystics and Music

Julien Chamber Choir, Mystics and Music

The Julien Chamber Choir presented “Mystics and Music” to us this evening. We invited our employees, volunteers, and families to join us in our Chapter Room for the event. The program included selections and choral settings of mystical writers such as Bernard of Clairvaux, Teresa of Avila, Hildegard von Bingen, and Mechthild of Magdeburg.

The Julien Chamber Choir, formed in 1999, includes professional and amateur musicians from around the tri-state area, and performs a variety of choral styles including classical, folk and spirituals. In addition to annual fall and spring concerts, JCC has performed for the Illinois Choral Director’s Association and the Dubuque Arboretum Summer Concert Series. 

Julien Chamber Choir, Mystics and Music 

from Constitutions and Statutes: of the Monks and Nuns of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance

The monastery is an expression of the mystery of the Church, where nothing is preferred to the praise of the Father’s glory. Every effort is made to ensure that the common life in its entirety conforms to the Gospel, which is the supreme law. In this way the community will not be lacking in any spiritual gift. The monks strive to remain in harmony with all the people of God and share their active desire for the unity of all Christians.