Nov 30 – Christians in Culture

Episcopalian Bishop Primate Katherine Jefferts SchoriThis evening several of us gathered to  watch a pair of videos pertaining to the current Christian culture in America. First we watched outgoing Episcopalian Bishop Primate Katherine Jefferts Schori reflect upon Christian evangelization and the reality of the “reign of God” in her dioceses and in the world. Then we watched Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Barron reflect on the “religious ‘nones'” who profess no church affiliation and what the implications might be with regard to Christianity as a distinguishable presence in our culture. With the remaining time we discussed our impressions and thoughts on these two very distinct points of view and emphasis.


from Ratio Institutionis – The Community as Formative

13.  Communal discussions and dialogues, forms of Gospel sharing and fraternal correction, can be important means in the formation of the community.  In these and other ways, members of the community are trained to listen to others, exposed to different viewpoints and encouraged to develop skills of self-expression.