October Information Forum

This morning we gathered for our monthly Information Forum to share news about personal items and the goings-on within the monastery, the region, and the Order.  This month’s information included a lightning strike to the tallest Norway Spruce tree in Iowa which is within our enclosure and only yards from our church, a shift in the cleaning duties as the third group of monks begin their three month cleaning rotation, installation of a vent cap to the peak of our church roof to combat condensation in the summer, and the upcoming Memorial Mass for those buried in Trappist Caskets and Urns which will be held on November 17th.

Bark Peeled Off Norway Spruce by Lighning

About Information Forum

The purpose of the Information Forum is to provide an opportunity for brothers publically to give information or news about themselves or their departments and areas of responsibility that will be of interest to the community or important for the brothers to know.

The Information Forum is a response to:

Constitution 16 of the Order, “Active Participation of the Brothers’: the brothers are called to mutual care, mutual co-operation, and mutual obedience. … The abbot and the officials are to communicate to the brothers what concerns all and readily accept their desires and suggestions”(16.2,4).

Priority One of the Transition Process 2012: “Whatever we do, we need to do it together in the community as a whole.”