Sept 30 – Visiting Divine Word Missionary

Divine Word MissionariesFr. Lucien, a Divine Word Missionary, will be a live-in guest at New Melleray through November. He will join us in choir and in the refectory for meals and is invited to attend our Sunday Chapter talks and share in some of our manual labor.

Divine Word Missionaries preach the Gospel and share the Word of God by living, working, teaching, and sharing with others in many areas of global ministry. They are the largest international missionary congregation in the Catholic Church. Their mission is “a giving of ourselves to others.” Divine Word Seminary is located in nearby Epworth, IA.


from The Rule of St. Benedict Chapter 61: The Reception of Visiting Monks

A visiting monk from far away will perhaps present himself and wish to stay as a guest in the monastery.  Provided that he is content with the life as he finds it, and does not make excessive demands that upset the monastery, but is simply content with what he finds, he should be received for as long a time as he wishes.