Sept 8 – Organ-ic Charity

We are blessed to have three organists spanning three generations in our community. But we had only our church organ and an electronic keyboard available for practice. Until today! This morning we were blessed to receive a donated organ for our brothers to use that will give a truer sound than the keyboard and will be less disruptive to those who would like to pray in our church at various times during the day.

Last week we received an email through Trappist Caskets asking if we would be interested in an organ. After consulting Abbot Mark and the other organists, our primary organist went to look over and play the instrument this morning. After he played the instrument he gladly accepted the donation on behalf of New Melleray. Within two hours a trailer and five generous men loaded, delivered and set up the organ in our music room! The guys all received Our Lady of the Mississippi Monastery Caramels for their hard work.