Shane Claiborne

Shane ClaiborneThis evening some of us viewed an interview of Shane Claiborne who is a member of “The Simple Way” community in Philadelphia. Shane spoke of the process of his personal conversion that ultimately led him to a radically engaged living of the gospel in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. After watching the video we discussed Shane’s comments about engaging Christ in the poor and the broader topic of the “new monasticism” and the implications for our living of monasticism rooted in 1500 years of tradition, liturgy, and community.


from Ratio Institutionis – The Community as Formative

13.  Communal discussions and dialogues, forms of Gospel sharing and fraternal correction, can be important means in the formation of the community.  In these and other ways, members of the community are trained to listen to others, exposed to different viewpoints and encouraged to develop skills of self-expression.