Spiritual Resources

New Melleray’s communal way of monastic life is wholly oriented to the experience of the living God. We are able to share aspects of our spirituality with you in a number of ways.

In the daily celebration of the Mass our priests preach a homily applying the Scripture readings of the Liturgy of the Word to the aspirations, experiences, and present needs of the brothers and of the monastic community as a whole. Every Sunday the abbot breaks open his heart to the monks and speaks from his own prayer, study, and experience in a Chapter Talk to the brothers.

Throughout the year individuals come to New Melleray to step out of the ordinary routine and make a personal retreat in our Guest House. 

Finally, the Divine Office and the Mass are the prayers of the entire Church, the whole Christ, head and members. Guests are always welcome to join us for these communal prayers in the Abbey church.