Stories from the Seniors

Father Kenneth Tietjen has written biographies of a number of the monks from New Melleray. By sharing their stories, we celebrate their faithful service within our community.

Abbot Bruno Ryan

James Ryan, a native of Tipperary, Ireland was born on Dec. 19, 1865. He entered Mount Melleray Abbey in Ireland in 1888. He had two fears on entering, that his health would give out, the other that he would not persevere. Read more >

Fr. Maurus Henrich

The most influential monk I ever knew was also the most lovable: Father Maurus Henrich (1908 – 1975). He was novice master at New Melleray for fifteen years. Five of his novices became abbots. Read more >

Dom Alberic Dunlea

Denis Dunlea was born in the parish of Moranimey, County Cork, Ireland on March 8, 1833. He entered Mount Melleray Abbey on August 6, 1859 and was sent to New Melleray as provisional superior on September 13, 1883.  Read more >

Br. Conrad Carey

After the death of a monk the community of New Melleray shares remembrances of our recently departed brother. The following was given by Fr. Thomas McCarthy. Read more >

Br. Ambrose Corbett

Br. Ambrose was born Thomas Corbett on November 28, 1891 at Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. He was a tailor when he entered Mount Melleray Abbey, Co. Waterford on September 8, 1915. Read more >

Br. Joachim Dunn

The initial and deepest impression Br. Joachim left on me when first visiting New Melleray in 1947 was that of meeting Jesus in him. As guest house porter since 1934 he was usually the first one to greet guests and was on hand when they left. Read more >

Br. Bernard Fitzgerald 

Edward Leo Fitzgerald was born in Omaha, Nebraska on January 29, 1893. He had finished school up to the eigth grade and was a cook at the tine he entered New Melleray Abbey. Read more >

Br. Stephen Joyce

A visiting priest who met Br. Stephen at the abbey said he never found such a mixture of heaven and earth as he did in Br. Stephen. He contributed very much to the spiritual and human beauty of monastic life at New Melleray. Read more >

Br. Thomas O’Donnell

Br. Thomas O’Donnel was one of the persons who most influenced and edified me. He died about two months before my first vows. The novices often worked under him and that is where I first knew him. Read more >

Br. Anthony Toohey

Brother Anthony is an example of the hidden beauty of the contemplative life that is lived in New Melleray Abbey. We can see in his life the origin and development of the monastic vocation. Read more >