The Monastic Center

The Monastic Center is our response to men who desire a deeper life of prayer. Participants in the Monastic Center program experience our spirituality in a more focused and disciplined way than is available to our regular guests.

With private rooms in a specially designated area of our Guesthouse participants in the Monastic Center relish the silence and solitude so conducive to the monastic way of prayer and contemplation. Participants join the monks in the monastic choir for the Liturgy of the Hours throughout the day, the heart and soul of our day. The solitude and the communal prayer are balanced by manual work. Monastic Center participants welcome the afternoon work period as another form of prayer as well as practical service.

It takes discipline and fidelity to follow the schedule of monastic work and prayer but participants find that making the efforts leads them to inner freedom. An environment of simplicity without distractions can awaken new and deeper levels of awareness.

Requirements: Men between the ages of 20 and 70 who are in good health. There is no charge, but a free-will offering can be made. We ask a minimum of 4 days for the first visit.

For more information and an application, send an email the Secretary of the Monastic Center at

Click here to download the Monastic Center brochure (pdf).