Trappist Caskets

Our business, Trappist Caskets, is located across the road in front of the monastery. If you take a tour of Trappist Caskets will see monks at work constructing wooden burial caskets. Trappist Caskets provides our principle work for self-support. By making caskets and urns we participate in the centuries-old traditional works of mercy to bury the dead and to pray for the dead. By providing grieving families with a simple, beautiful casket prayerfully crafted and blessed monks we not only console God’s heartbroken children, but give delight to the Lord himself whose teaching he sees fulfilled with ardent love and care. Striving to improve our skills and expert craftsmanship, we see our woodwork as our free and loving cooperation with God’s on-going work of creation. We appreciate the physical exercise that manual work provides. It is a healthy complement to our lectio divina,study, and contemplative prayer. Finally, we find meaning in the fact as carpenters, we are somehow in solidarity with Jesus and Joseph who earned their livelihood this way.