When you start the journey of a monastic vocation the Rule of Saint Benedict is your guide and inspiration. The Rule is the monk’s practical interpretation and understanding of the Gospel. Since its origin in the sixth century, the Rule has provided challenging and wise guidance for men and women who recognize their need for the teaching, discipline, and support that a community can offer. The Rule is a constant help in leading you to discover your deepest self, your true self. That is because the Rule puts you in an environment of continual listening and responding: to the Word of God speaking to you in Scripture, to the words of the ancient Desert Fathers and the Fathers of the Church, and to the living words of our brothers and friends who share your life with you. The monk makes a promise to continue along the monastic way in this place for the rest of his life. This promise of stability is the expression of our trust in God and in one another, and of the peace that comes from belonging. As you progress on the monastic journey, you will find that silence and simplicity become part of your personal ecology, thanks to the shared environment of respect, poverty, and mutual service.