If you visit New Melleray you will quickly notice that, like all Cistercians, the monks are lovers of the place. You will see how we love our land and our buildings, how we love the change of seasons and the trees and wildlife. You will find we see things from God’s point of view, who looked at everything he had made, and found it very good. We hope that what God has given us is in even better condition after passing through our hands. We maintain organic apple orchards and an organic garden near the monastery. We are vigilant over the use of our rich farm land. The sustainable management of our woods respects God’s creatures who live there, preserves a beautiful place for the monks and retreatants to walk in, and supplements the needs of Trappist Caskets. If you have read Pope Francis’s encyclical letter Laudato si’ we think you will recognized our own aspirations in Pope Francis’s praise of monastic work: monastic work makes us more protective and respectful of the environment; it imbues our relationship to the world with a healthy sobriety.