Monday in the Octave of Easter at Mississippi Abbey

There are two emotions we feel about the future: fear and hope. The guards and chief priests were fearful. They put their hope for the future in deception. Doubtless it had worked before. 

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were afraid yet “overjoyed”, i.e. hopeful. The message they had for the Eleven was about the future, about what was to happen in Galilee. Suddenly the future seemed promising, even though they had no idea what it promised. The important thing, the thing that made such a big difference, was that the future included a continuing relationship with Jesus of Nazareth.

That kind of hope is what sustains every woman and man in monastic formation. Fears arise because of the different ethics and values of monastic life, but hope in a relationship with Jesus of Nazareth sustains them. It is what brought them to the monastery. It is the only thing that can keep them there.