Trappist Caskets Memorial Book

The first name “Ian” was a child, two years old, grandson of one of our woodworkers on the production line.  Since that time, thousands of names have been handwritten into the “Memorial Book” the fulfillment of our promise to grieving families that each person buried in a Trappist Casket or Urn will have his or her name hand written in this book and remembered at the “Mass of Remembrance” offered once a year.  to the monk’s astonishment, at each Mass of Remembrance, hundreds of visitors wait in line for up to thirty minutes to view the name of their loved one in the Memorial Book.  But family members may stop by on any day, visit the Welcome Center chapel where the Memory Book is on display, and find the name of their loved one.  Bro. Paul remembers supplying a casket for his father when he died, and how moved his sister was a few months later to see their dad’s name recorded in the beautiful bound book.  Finally, at the Divine Office which the monks pray seven times each day, Vespers is often augmented by prayers for “all those buried in a Trappist Casket or Urn”, and so the monks, in various ways, keep alive the memory of those who passed through lives and hearts and who, we believe, will be reunited with us in God’s kingdom.