Aug 25 – Lux Aurumque

Eric Whitacre Lux Aurumque

This evening some of us viewed Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir singing an ancient Latin poem inspired by the Christmas Mystery: “Light, heavy as pure gold, the angels sing softly to the new born baby.” The virtual choir is a mix of 185 individual recordings submitted by singers from 12 countries. After watching the video we discussed virtual relationship and collaboration manifesting a desire to be part of something bigger than the self. We also commented on the evangelization in a seemingly non-religious format that nonetheless communicates the mystery of Christ by the very words sung to the 5+ million people who have viewed this video.

As a bonus, we were joined by a former novice of the community who is now studying for the diocesan priesthood. He shared with us some of his experiences in parish ministry and affirmed the place of the monastic vocation in the Church today.


from Ratio Institutionis – The Community as Formative

13.  Communal discussions and dialogues, forms of Gospel sharing and fraternal correction, can be important means in the formation of the community.  In these and other ways, members of the community are trained to listen to others, exposed to different viewpoints and encouraged to develop skills of self-expression.