Feb 12 – Themes Limit Me

Dom Gerard D’Souza, Abbot of The Abbey of the Genesee, is back at New Melleray to generously serve us once more. He was here last fall to conduct our Visitation as the delegated visitor. Now he has returned to preach our annual community retreat. In his opening comments to us he shared that “themes limit me” so he did not focus on a particular theme in preparing the daily conferences he will be giving us.

  • Our retreat will be from Feb. 12-18.
  • Each morning Dom Gerard will preach a conference to us.
  • Fr. Mark is encouraging us to work 1/2 days and use the extra time for prayer and reflection.
  • Our guesthouse will be closed for the retreat week.


from Constitutions and Statutes
C.20 Mindfulness of God
ST 20.A – Each year all the brothers are to make a retreat of at least six days.