July 3 – St John Monastic Institute 2016

Our Junior Master attended the 2016 Monastic Institute at St. John’s in Collegeville, MN. The program opened on July 3rd and concluded on July 7th. Sessions included: “Where We Have Been – Where We Are Going: Today’s Context for Monastic Profession”, “Monastic Profession: A Call to Conversatio in the Rule of Benedict”, and “Monastic Profession as a Way to Fullness in Christ”.

from Ratio Institutionis 5 – Monasticate

38. It is the task of the director of juniors to accompany those in his or her care as they pass from the relatively segregated regimen of the novitiate to their own distinctive mode of sharing in the life of the community. The director reviews with them their experience of monastic living in the community, prayer, vocation, the vows, study, work and the acceptance of responsibilities. Because the monasticate is such a critical time of growth, it is important that the juniors receive understanding, acceptance and encouragement from the director, as well as being challenged by him.