Monks Receive Appreciative Letters From Grieving Families

Virtually every day, we receive at Trappist Caskets thank you letters from grieving families we have ministered to.  For the monks these heartfelt letters are a “compensation” more meaningful and of even greater value than the payment made for the casket.  Reading them, makes us aware of a mysterious and intimate relationship we enter into with families who have lost a loved one.  It is a source of great joy for us to realize we can be true to our enclosed, hidden life wholly ordered to contemplation, and at the same time “accompany” our brothers and sisters at a time when their hearts are broken and they are so in need of comfort and reassurance.  Here is a sampling of the kind of letters we receive:

“To everyone at Trappist Caskets,

         We purchased a casket for my sister Pat DiComo who died on September 25, 2018.  She found out about Trappist Caskets from someone at her church.  St. Anne’s in Garden City, NY.  When she was in hospice care, Pat looked through the catalog and chose the casket she wanted.  I can’t tell you how pleased we were with everything.  From ordering on the phone to choosing the casket, (and package), to receiving the casket and the crosses, everything went smoothly.  Not only is your work beautiful, but it really meant a lot to Pat and to all of us to have the casket itself be a spiritual experience.  Thank you again.  We really appreciate everything you did for us during this very sad time for our family.

Sincerely, Ronnie DiComo